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I provide a full range of songwriting, recording, arrangement and production services tailored to your specific needs and budget.  Creating something often from nothing, or at best a rough acoustic demo, is a challenge I enjoy.  Hearing the finished production in my minds ear before I start working on a new song is the start of the process for me.  The next stage is having musicians play their parts and also programming any additional accompaniment, then building the arrangement to a place where the vocalist can have a good working production to feel inspired enough to lay down their best vocal take.  ​

My job as a producer is not just to record and mix a song.  I want to create the best mix possible and therefore need the best performances to work with.  If I believe a singer or musician has a better take in them then I'll always insist on getting it.  Equally, knowing when to leave something alone often gives the best result.   Listening to feedback from clients is crucial too as ensuring they are happy with the end product is very important to me.





​It's always good to hear a great song in it's infancy but unless it is arranged properly, it might never reach it's full potential.  Making the song flow and build, creating 'light and shade', so that choruses have big impact is what I do when I'm arranging a track for recording.  

This is also a big part of the songwriting process and my musical contributions to co-writes, creating memorable instrumental hooks, lyrics and melodies can add massively to the appeal of the finished song.   I find sharing ideas and the songwriting process is a good way to create a better song.  Check out the 'before and after' samples across the page here to hear the benefit of adding subtle hooks, catchy riffs and complex drum programming to a track.​​




So your track is finally mixed and, although you're happy with it, wonder why it doesn't sound as loud or as 'big' as those commercial artist tracks on iTunes?     A good mastering session will take care of that and this stage should not be under rated.  

The process involves taking a 24 bit stereo mix file and, where needed, adding noise/hiss cancellation, multiband compression, and equalisation to fix any jump out frequencies.   The last stage is multiband limiiting which will make your track as loud as possible without distortion before finally adding dithering to 16 bit CD standard.  The end result truly can be like night and day compared to the original mix and is what will give your track the commercial and polished edge.




There are so many artists making music now and the competition is fierce!  This  means you really must present your songs in the best way possible.  Once the arrangement is complete, I'll record the bells 'n' whistles, e.g. drums, bass, piano, strings, harmonies etc, and then create a track which guitarists and vocalists can then add their parts. 

I usually create a rough working mix as I go along which helps inspire further parts or creative ideas.  It also helps the musician or vocalist feel inspired to do their best performance.   Take a listen below to some 'before and after' snippets from a recent project I worked on to get an idea of the value I can add to your rough demos.​

Before and After Production...

Samples above showing the process from rough demo to produced master.

Other services

Music Production & Recording  /  Mixing  /  Mastering  /  Songwriting  /  Voiceover Production  /  Original Music for TV, Film, Radio & Marketing  /  Audio Editing & Restoration  /  Audiobook Recording  /  Podcast Recording  /  CD/DVD Duplication & Printing (small run)  /  Mobile Recording  /  Artist Websites  /  Digital Music Store Publishing  /  Live Keyboards & Vocals.

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