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Latest Work

Produced the music and filmed the video for Hotel California Scotland Eagles Tribute

I had so much fun making this!  


Filmed multitake and live at Edinburgh's Liquid Rooms on 28 Dec.  Using one camera and a lot of repositioning/running around!  


The edit and colour grade was the biggest challenge as the stage lighting was full on red for half of the shoot.  


The band are;


Drums/Vocals: Mark Anderson
Bass/Vocals: Mike McKenzie
Guitar/Vocals: Eddie Jones
Guitar/Keys/Vocals: Jim Bowie
Guitar/Vocals: Alan King
Guitar/Keys/Vocals: Kenny Archibald


Top bunch of guys to work with, check out their website -

Recorded and Produced 'Paper Planes' Single Release for Caroline Gilmour - (Released June 2014)

Musicians credits on these three recordings - Caroline Gilmour (Acoustic Guitar and Vocals), Simon Ferguson (Drums), Lorna Thomas (Bass), Steve J. Ward (Electric Guitar), Al James (All other instruments!).   

Recorded and Produced Two Acoustic Studio Demo's for Calvin Arsenia - (May 2014)

Calvin Arsenia - 'Blue'

Calvin Arsenia - 'April' (Cover by The Lake Poets)

Filmed and Edited Steve J. Ward's Official Music Video 'Heaven Knows' EP - (Release 11 April 2014)


"Heaven Knows" written and performed by Steve J. Ward © 2014

Music: Recorded, Produced and Mastered by Al James

Video: Concept, filmed and edited by Al James

Hair and Makeup: Jen Ward

Dancers: Hilary Mouat & Tibor Poc

Venue: Brendan Denahy - Edinburgh's Voodoo Rooms


Connect With Steve:




Steve J. Ward - 'Heaven Knows' (Official Music Video)

Produced Steve J Ward's 'September' EP - (Release 18 Oct 2013)

Steve J. Ward is another young Edinburgh artist with huge potential.    I finished recording and producing this album for Steve in August.   The album has only now made it into the digital stores and here is a link to buy the EP.     If you can, please do support Steve by  'Liking' his Facebook page.   Thanks.

Produced and co-writing on Callum Beattie's 'America' EP - (Release 2 Oct 2013)

I finished recording and producing Callum Beattie's 'America' EP in October 2013, also co-writing the first 4 tracks on the album.


Fantastic musicians credited on this EP are; Stevie Scott, Iain Bruce, Davide Rinaldi, Neil MacDougall, Steven Adamson and Susan Arnold.    


The accompanying title track 'America' (Written by Al James / Callum Beattie © 2013)

Video by Chris and Steve Cook


Latest production for Steve J. Ward - 'Heaven Knows'

Heaven Knows

Written by ​Steve J. Ward © 2014


​Steve J. Ward

Latest production for Steve J. Ward - 'When I Was Young'

When I Was Young

Written by ​Steve J. Ward © 2014


​Steve J. Ward

Latest production for Steve J. Ward - 'September'


Written by ​Steve J. Ward / Al James © 2014


​Steve J. Ward

Latest production (and co-write) for Fiona Lynch & Rab Howat - 'Mona Lisa'

Mona Lisa

Fiona Lynch/Rab Howat/Al James © 2014


 Fiona Lynch and Rab Howat

Latest productions for Callum Beattie 'Salamander Street' 

Salamander Street

Written by ​Callum Beattie / Al James © 2013


Callum Beattie 'Salamander Street' (Official Video) filmed by Little City Pictures.  Music produced by Al James Productions


​Callum Beattie (Album and EP)




Al James / Callum Beattie © 2013

When Stars Collide

Al James / Callum Beattie © 2013


Al James / Callum Beattie © 2013

I Am What I Am

Callum Beattie © 2013

Jekyll and Hyde

Al James  / Callum Beattie © 2013

Summer Sound

Al James / Callum Beattie © 2013


Al James / Callum Beattie © 2013

Falling Dowm

Al James / Callum Beattie © 2013

Salamander Street

Callum Beattie / Al James © 2013


Callum Beattie / Al James © 2013

Callum Beattie,  is a singer songwriter from Edinburgh who, approached me shortly after winning the Radio Forth 'One To Watch Award' in 2010.  

I wrote with and producied his debut album 'This Time This Place' and subsequent EP 'America' over a period of two years.  We recorded some 20 songs together in that time.


You can now hear these tracks for free here.


Where Are You Now

Callum Beattie © 2013

Movin' On

Callum Beattie © 2013

Rosie (acoustic)

Al James / Callum Beattie  © 2013

What's Everybody Looking For

Al James / Callum Beattie © 2013

Thinking Of You

Callum Beattie  © 2013


Callum Beattie  © 2013

Keep Calm and Carry On

Callum Beattie  © 2013


Al James / Callum Beattie © 2013

Additional musician credits:  all acoustic guitars by Callum Beattie, guitars on tracks 5 & 10 by Rab Howat, guitars on tracks 1, 4, 6, 8 & 9 by Stevie Scott.

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